Want to buy AirPods? Will have to wait

Want to buy AirPods? Will have to wait

If this week you spent in an armored and sealed vehicle, we will remind that on December 13, the Russian online Apple store began selling the new AirPods wireless headphones. However, if you still do not order this accessory, in 2016 you will not get.

In the first stage, as we remember, delivery time AirPods on the territory of our country amounted to two weeks. Whether due to overwhelming demand, whether due to limited supply, now this is extended right up to six weeks.

Want to buy AirPods? Will have to wait

Take up the calendar and was disappointed to conclude that if you place an order for headphones today, you will take them only to the end of January, so even then, when the holidays are over and Russia will be in full work. However, there is still hope to buy AirPods will be possible until the end of this year.

As found by MacRumors sources, the ocean AirPods can bring in offline stores next Monday, December 19. It is not excluded that some part of the product will reach the Russian retail. So follow the site, we will tell the latest news.

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