Was released a new build of the jailbreak for iOS Electra 11

Despite the fact that users were almost desperate to get a working jailbreak for the current iOS versions, the developers continue to improve the tools for hacking the iPhone.

The creators of the jailbreak Electra Electra released 1.1.0, which allows you to hack iPhone running iOS 11 iOS 11.4 beta 3. In the new Assembly of the exploit, the developers have eliminated errors of the previous releases and focused on improving the stability of its work.

According to team members, Electra, Apple really turned out much more stable than the predecessors. After installing Electra 1.1.0 iPhone and iPad will not be no reason to turn off to reboot and hang. The developers also noted that Electra 1.1.0 tested on compatible devices more than four months. During this time the creators have managed to resolve most of the errors in the jailbreak.

If you have used previous versions of the Electra, then to install the new build will need to just run the tool and overwrite the jailbreak. Recall that Electra is a semi — tethered jailbreak, and it will have to install after every reboot of the device. You do not need to connect each time your smartphone or tablet to the computer. Start jailbreak on the device with the app Electra.

Unfortunately, no news about a possible compatibility with iOS 12 jailbreak yet.

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