[Watch] Easily include a clock in night mode

Operating system watchOS 2 has brought with it many pleasant things, which are very convenient in daily use. Among them, including some comical function associated with the work of the Watch in night mode, and enthusiasts from OSXDaily even filmed a corresponding video.

Honestly, when your humble servant saw this video, my first reaction was actually laughter. “Night mode” — new feature watchOS, which turns the watch into a kind classic bedside alarm clock. In this mode the time is shown in large green numbers on a black background, which is really handy at night — just hook up the charger and put the watch on the side. To activate the display, you will need to touch it or press the button, but Apple is not just known for his perfectionism. It turns out that to “Wake up” Watch, just knock on the surface on which they stand. Let’s see how it works.

Don’t know about you, but the author of this idea came to mind. To paraphrase a classic, looking for a black (or even not) the button in a dark room — not the best idea; to knock on the nightstand or Desk asleep much easier. Once again, Cupertino offer the most natural way of interacting with the device, proving that true convenience is defined by the details.

I hope this simple tip will save not only your sleep and time, but also your favorite Apple Watch. Pleasant dreams!

P. S. I Almost forgot — the music reminds me of the 60’s. And you?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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