Watch on Android Wear, no longer require a smartphone to connect to Wi-Fi

The new versions have Android Wear smart watches have the possibility to connect to wireless networks Wi-Fi. This allows wearable computers less dependent on synchronization with a smartphone.

Earlier, the smart-hours on the software platform Google took place over the phone, made a bracelet very much depend on him and brought a lot of inconvenience to users. In new OS versions, the gadget can connect to Wi-Fi using a special app

With Wi-Fi Manager wireless connection to “smart” hours, no longer tethered to a smartphone, allowing you to scan for available networks and display information about them on the clock display.

The app searches for nearby access points and displays all the necessary information — signal strength, connection speed, IP address, encryption method. Is no exception and public access points Wi-Fi authentication: enter the password to the network you can use the on-screen keyboard.

App Wi-Fi Manager is available for download at this link. It does not work with the first generation LG G Watch and ASUS ZenWatch.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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