Watch subwoofer Basslet in a few days gathered 150 000 on Kickstarter [video]

A startup from Germany Lofelt a few days has collected funds for the release of the wearable subwoofer Basslet. Original device made in the form factor of a wristwatch and allows you to feel the pulse of bass on their own skin.

The essence of the invention is to send on the wrist of the person who listens to music, low-frequency signals, pulsing to the beat of the song. Feeling the vibrations emanating from the wrist gadget, the user will be able to delve more deeply into the musical atmosphere, the developers say Basslet. The device itself any sounds does not publish.

According to the creators hours-subwoofer Basslet on the engine LoSound” with the frequency response 10-250 Hz. “The device delivers beats and bass right to you — so you can literally feel the music,” says Daniel Buettner, head Lofelt. The result is an impressive sound experience which not alone can provide headphones. Built-in battery is enough for 6 hours of battery life.

The project was launched on Kickstarter this week and has already exceeded the plan, with around 150 000 instead of €50,000 needed to start production. Basslet can be purchased in advance at a discount of 50% off the retail price for $99.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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