Waterproof iPhone: no longer a dream?

Although Apple did not make special statements about the better protection from water iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, research shows that the company works in this field is not for nothing that new smartphones can continue to work after an hour of being under water. But water still gets into the ports — Lightning and 3.5 mm audio Jack And Apple have found a solution to this problem.

A new Apple patent, discovered today by Business Insider, shows the new development of the company from Cupertino. Engineers have developed an elastomer (elastic material) that protect ports from moisture. The material is deformed, when inserting the cable and then stretched back, when it’s not there.

Curiously, in the patent there is no word about the audio — it turns out, will be protected only Lightning or USB-C, if this connector will appear in the new iPhone. This means that Apple is still planning to abandon the standard output, however when this will happen is not yet clear.

Other manufacturers moisture are simpler: just close the ports on top of that no water can enter. Here nothing will spoil the appearance of the smartphone, which is important.

While this is, of course, only the patent, but there are many cases when the whole application until just before the implementation took place a little over six months. So expect the striking innovations in the iPhone 7.

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