[We write] Apple’s Inattention to details and a small “bun” for Mac

We wrote Mikhail Anokhin

Welcome readers AppleInsider.ru! I would like to tell you about their findings in programs such as Numbers, and in standard “Clock”app.

Let’s start with the program Numbers. As you know users of this program from iWork, when you open the app you can either create a new table, or use ready-made templates. Interesting discoveries await in the template “Calendar” located in the tab “Personal”.

The same pattern can be found in the program for iPhone and iPad.

Here it was discovered a bug: when the template opens, we see one big calendar and two small calendars on top.

If you look closely these little calendars, you will notice that in the Mac version missing Sunday, but there were two Saturdays, when in the version for iPhone is Saturday and Sunday.

Very interesting when this bug finds in Apple.

Now about the useful features of the app “Clock” on the Mac. If you work a lot on your “Apple” computer, you can forget about time. However, Apple has ensured that you don’t miss the most important thing — your computer can alert you to time. To do this, in “Settings” to find the section “date and time”. In the window that appears at the bottom tick “Speak time”.

Here you can select the interval at which to be spoken in the current time. If you click on the “Customize voice”, you can select the speech rate and volume.

And on the tab “Customize” there is a huge selection of voices that will alert you to the current time in different languages.

I hope you enjoyed to read my little article and I was able to open for you something new!

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