Web content Safari “not responding”? How to solve the problem with freezing of browser on a Mac

Most of the time Safari on the Mac is stable and reliable, but sometimes problems can occur: the browser hangs and stops responding to queries. Almost always it is accompanied by the message “the Web content in Safari (Not responding)” in the Monitoring system. There are several ways to solve this problem.

Easy way No. 1: close and restart Safari

The easiest way to solve the problem for Mac users has always been simple reboot of the application. If the page does not load, simply close Safari and then restart your browser and try again.

Easy method # 2: force shutdown and restart Safari

If Safari does not respond to your actions, you should resort to a forced shutdown of the browser.

1. Simultaneously press Command + Option + Escape.

2. In the opened window, force quit programs, click Safari and click “Finish”.

3. Wait a few seconds while Safari will close and run the app again.

As noted above, in most cases it helps, and then you can download sites.

A more sophisticated way: “kill” separately broken processes

Advanced Mac users can use a more complex method of solving the problem.

1. Start the system Monitoring application is located in the Program folder -> Utilities.

2. In the tab “CPU” or “Memory” way Safari processes marked with a red inscription “Web content the Safari (Not responding)”.

3. Select the process and complete it with the button “X” on the toolbar.

4. Do this with all the processes that do not respond.

5. Close monitoring of the system.

“Murder” idle processes usually completes them, and then restarts the browser, which in most cases solves the problem. But sometimes the fault occurs again because of a bad run javascript plugin or a memory leak.

In the screenshot above, it is clear that several pages Safari “not responding”, while consuming a lot of memory. In such a situation, a faster solution would be to shutdown Safari.

How to solve the problem

Now you know what to do when Safari stops responding to your actions. But it would be nice to prevent the occurrence of this problem. Immediately I must say that there is no single solution, because the failure occurs for completely different reasons. However, there are several ways to minimize the probability of errors.

Clear cache and browser history

Clearing the cache and history of Safari usually fixes the problem, but the disadvantage of this method is that cookies are also deleted, along with any saved logins and other data associated with iCloud. So be prepared to re-enter login and password on the sites.

1. Go to the Safari menu and select “Clear history”.

2. Choose at what point to remove the history of visited web pages. The most effective option would be to clear history for all time.

To disable plugins and WebGL

While some add-ons for Safari can be very interesting and useful, they are often the cause of browser errors. A classic example would be the Adobe Flash Player plugin, which consumes a lot of resources and leads to incorrect behavior of the Mac. Simple tip: disable all plugins.

Sometimes the cause of a system fault may be WebGL, so disabling the program library will also be useful. This can be done on the Security tab of the main settings of Safari.

To update Safari, and operating system

Make sure that your Mac comes with the latest version of Safari. In most cases, the updated browser brings the eliminating bugs, so it is very important to ensure that the computer to use the latest version of the software.

1. Go to the Apple menu and choose App Store.

2. Tab with available updates and install everything that concerns Safari and security updates.

Before you install any of apletov it is recommended to perform a backup. In addition, it is recommended to upgrade the operating system if a new version is available.

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