Went 12 for Parallels Desktop for Mac with support for macOS Sierra, utility Toolbox and increasing productivity

Parallels announced the latest version of the popular Mac utilities virtualization Parallels Desktop 12. Along with an increase of 25% performance, and support of macOS Sierra, it includes the set of 20 most popular Mac features – Parallels Toolbox.

To do a screenshot, video screen, download videos from the Internet or disable your computer’s microphone – all this can now be done easily and simply. The Mac users in the Wake of the founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg, you can forget about sealing the microphones on their computers, in a single click using the instrument Toolbox.

In addition, all users of the new version of Parallels Desktop for Mac 12 get a year’s subscription to the backup solution of Acronis True Image and access to a free online storage of up to 500 GB.

“Parallels Desktop for Mac 12 is the logical result of our many years of innovative development, aimed at user convenience, the fact that he could work in a way convenient for him,” said Jack Zubarev, President of Parallels. — Parallels Desktop for Mac 12 not only ensures the comfortable work in Windows on a Mac, if you compare with the rest of our products, but also simplifies the implementation of a number of daily tasks for millions of our customers, no matter what they are doing.

12 Parallels Desktop for Mac introduces several new features, including the ability to directly purchase the operating system Windows 10 and install it using a special wizard. You can also adjust the time you download and install Windows updates.

12 Parallels Desktop for Mac improved support for tasks that need fans to play on the PC and on the Xbox. In cooperation with Blizzard managed to optimize Parallels Desktop for Mac 12 to provide support for Overwatch. Parallels Desktop also supports the Xbox app for Windows 10.

The basic functions of Parallels Desktop for Mac 12:

  • Parallels Toolbox for Mac 20 of tools that simplify everyday tasks on your Mac.
  • Simplified backup through a one-year subscription to Acronis True Image with 500 GB of storage space in the cloud for backup storage, which allows you to save only the newly made changes to the virtual machine, and not all of it entirely every time there are changes.
  • Support for PC game Overwatch from Blizzard Entertainment.
  • Support Xbox app for Windows 10 to stream all Xbox games on Mac to play on it.
  • Scheduling Windows updates at a convenient time, e.g. at night so as not to interrupt the work for long periods throughout the day
    Managing storage used by a virtual machine, directly in the section “Optimized storage” in macOS Sierra.
  • Passwords used in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge, in the keychain Mac Keychain.
  • Assign special behaviors to Windows applications such as “Always open in full screen mode or Always hide others” to use their Mac more
    Convenient undo actions on a virtual machine, which takes a long time.
  • The ability to open documents from SharePoint and Office 365 desktop apps Microsoft Office for Windows directly from your favorite browser for the Mac.
  • Windows operating system always ready to use in the background, meaning you do not need to pause the virtual machine to instantly open applications and documents Windows.
  • In Outlook for Windows now conveniently shows the last documents you worked on Mac and Windows, so they can be easier to invest in e-mail messages
    Improved Retina support for resizing Windows virtual machines.
  • Back up virtual machines to save disk space in Pro Edition.
  • Set limits for resource usage by the virtual machines in the Pro Edition.
  • Now in the tool Settings in Pro Edition is pre-configured network profiles (“Edge”, “100% loss”, “3G”, “DSL”, “Very bad network” and “Wi-Fi”), so you can more easier to test applications, as well as the ability to customize settings.

Performance improvements with Parallels Desktop for Mac 12:

  • snapshots of up to 90 percent faster;
  • suspending your virtual machines up to 60 percent faster;
  • performance of shared folders is up to 25 percent above;
  • a compilation of Visual Studio projects in the shared folders up to 25 percent faster;
  • the battery life of up to 10 percent longer;
  • improved responsiveness of the virtual machines, when the Mac little free memory.

12 Parallels Desktop for Mac, Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition, and Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition is available today for subscribers Parallels Desktop 10 and 11, which can upgrade to the new version. In the free market solutions will appear on August 23 in the online store and in retail and online stores around the world.

The recommended retail price of Parallels Desktop for Mac 12 — 3990 rubles. The owners of termless license for Parallels Desktop 10 and Parallels Desktop 11 can purchase an upgrade for 2490 rubles. Version of Parallels Desktop Pro Edition Parallels Desktop Business Edition will cost 4990 rubles.

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