What Apple could spend $156 billion in Russia

Apple’s unwillingness to share profits with its shareholders leads to the fact that some of the investors serves on the company to court. The company faced a problem — a huge amount of cash. $233 billion is in accounts and long-term debt $77 billion. it Turns out that the most expensive Corporation in the world an extra $156 billion That Apple was going to do with such a sum of money, despite the fact that most of them are located abroad?

The user promises to find ways to satisfy the appetites of shareholders. While Tim cook is looking to offer other options for use of accumulated money. Resource Meduza considered, what could Apple spend their cash.

If Apple seriously wanted to place everything in Russia is $156 billion, she could do it for the benefit of themselves: for example, to redeem all television advertising in the country for 72 years. Or become the largest investor in Russia and one and a half million to buy an average one-bedroom apartments in Moscow. If Apple prefers to invest in art, it can purchase 13 000 cellos of Stradivari — the ones who loves Sergei Roldugin (only Roldugin we have one).

Another big gesture that will be enough money for Apple — the payment of all mortgage debts the Russians. Or you can buy every Russian citizen, including babies, by iPhone 6s Plus. Another potentially interesting, but absolutely useless move is to buy all the rubles the Russians in circulation.

However, why Apple? Much more fun to buy all the gold reserves of the country! Their for 156 billion dollars you can buy two and a half times.

If Apple wanted to help the Russian manufacturers, it could invest in the aircraft. For example, to acquire 4333 liner Superjet (for comparison: at “Aeroflot” only 168 aircraft, of which only 27 — liners Superjet). Variant folk — the car: whether Apple’s shareholders scope and imagination, they would have bought a $ 21 million Lada Vesta — and still some money left for petrol.

In addition, in Russia there is a no stock market. On it Apple could turn around and purchase the 18 companies of the scale of “Yandex” (Yandex is traded on the American Nasdaq). If Apple doesn’t like Russian Internet giant, you can invest in minerals: enough money for two and a half of Gazprom; maybe even three, if they do a discount for wholesale purchase.

Apple is an innovative company, so she easily could invest in the projects of “Roscosmos”. For example, pay almost 50 lunar programs of the state. Money Apple enough, however, not only on local projects, but on the entire Federal space program for 10 years. And still have almost five others of the same value.

It is said that among players playing in Russia, most of all a Hulk. Now, if Apple would spend the money on football, it could pay Hulk salary 22 000 years (imagine that the Hulk is immortal). Another example from the world of sports: Apple could buy all the players playing in the Russian Premier League. After that the company has enough money for another 175 other leagues of the same level.

And finally, the last. With the Russian market it has nothing to do, but not to share our knowledge we can’t. If our calculations are correct, $156 billion bills $100 would fit in a jar… with a volume of two million liters!

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