What Apple should add to iOS in Apple Music 13

Despite the fact that updates for all operating systems Apple came out recently, many are already thinking about new features that may the company will add iOS and macOS 10.15 13 next year.

In this article we will talk about the most anticipated innovations in Apple Music.

New features Apple Music

Since Apple Music has been launched in 2015, Apple continued to work on the overall design of the service. In a recent update, many users appreciated the ability to view the expected date of issue of “pre-release” content.

In addition, when new tracks are added in the preliminary version of the album, they are automatically moved to the top of the list “Recently added”.

These are just some minor improvements that Apple made to the music service, but users expect to receive any further substantial additions.

Redesign tabs “For you”

The idea of a tab “For you” is unique, but loading the collection takes much more time than in any other app, for example, in Spotify. Apple should think about the ability to cache data to run the tab.

In addition to the slow download speed, quality of the recommendations of the service lags behind other similar apps.

Tab “For you” needs to become smarter and to redesign in iOS and macOS 13 10.15 to display more information, not a couple of lines with the giant album covers.

Section with new songs and upcoming releases

One of the most anticipated innovations is the tab with new songs and upcoming releases of the artists whose work is already in the user library. This option should be built in Apple Music to the audience was aware of new artists without the use of third-party services.

Collaborative playlists

The complaint of many users is the lack of possibility of creating collaborative playlists. If Apple adds this feature, users can create playlists and share them to iMessage, with anyone who will join will be able to add your content to the playlist.

“Pina” for albums, playlists and radio stations

One of the areas where Apple dominates the Music Spotify is an overview of the library. It would be great to add the user to “pin” albums, playlists and radio stations at the top of the list.

Select the start tab

One of the last things users want Apple added to Apple Music is the ability to choose the tab that opens when starting the application. Perhaps future versions of macOS and iOS will offer a redesigned and more intelligent screen run the application.

These were some of the expectations from Apple Music, which users expect to receive next year. What innovations in the music service Apple are you waiting for? Share your opinion in the comments.

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