What are the “important” alert in iOS 12

In iOS 12 Apple has introduced innovations that extend the capabilities of the notification settings. This is part of the project “digital health” and helps the device owners are not distracted by unnecessary messages, but the company provides “important alert” for specific applications.

“Important alerts” appear regardless of notification settings is specified by the user. They ignore the “do Not disturb” and even sound settings.

This option is not available in all applications, so that developers do not abuse notifications. Before the introduction of the “important alert” Apple approves each of the programs. Basically the company allows developers to use this function in applications that are related to health or safety.

One example is the app to track indications of blood sugar that can warn that the level is too low. When you first start, the program will ask special permission to send notifications.

In order to disable an “important alert”, go to “Settings” > “Notification”. Locate the application that sends these notifications and, if it supports this feature, it is a special switch “Allow priority interruptions”.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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