What Barack Obama spoke with Tim cook?

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama met with the heads of technology companies, including Apple CEO Tim cook to discuss questions about state-sanctioned surveillance of Internet users and the operation of the site HealthCare.gov. The assurances to Reuters, all two hours of the meeting were entirely devoted to the discussion of the safety of users and recently disclosed the PRISM system.

The disclosure by Edward Snowden of the Agency’s programme U.S. national security information-gathering PRISM has produced substantial debate about the legality of such activities. The program used by the NSA as a means to control and monitor network traffic, telephone calls and messages, with the goal of preventing terrorist attacks and other acts of extremism. How it was used is actually not known. Popularity after the disclosure began to acquire Tor-network, which are used to anonymize the Network’s activity. An increasing number of organizations have been subjected to “listen”, to resort to the implementation of Tor in their activities, journalists, major corporations, public and non-governmental organizations. Although surely it is rumored that the unofficial support Tor the same NSA.

President Obama stated that “he believes in open and free Internet”. For their part, leaders of major companies made a statement in which they expressed gratitude for the opportunity to discuss their principles and views on the situation directly with the President and hope for a more aggressive deployment of the reform in this area.

Especially it should be noted that the European Union, the heads of state which were subject to “the wire”, expressed his indignation at the actions of American intelligence and intends to adopt a law requiring technology companies to inform about the nature of their work with the secret services.

In his time Apple has issued an official statement where he assured its users that obtained from the NSA requests for access to personal information, and there were about 5000, were carefully examined by lawyers and approved only in cases of direct threat of life of the individual. On assurances of the same Andrew stone, who once worked at Next, it was the death of Steve jobs gave impetus to cooperation with Apple NSA. While he was alive the company’s founder, he did not allow any interactions with the NSA because he had “friends” inside the Agency and he forgave such “behavior”.

For those who truly fear for the safety of their data, recall that IMessages, FaceTime, iCloud Keychain and TouchID are officially safe. The Internet already went publication about the possibility of hacking iMessages (encrypted connection) by means of retention in the transmission of the third reporter, having the ability to read and modify messages, but this requires rather complex technical equipment. Concerning iCloud Keychain TouchID and you can not worry. 256-bit encryption will protect your passwords and data from being stolen, and TouchID is a separate zone in the processor, which is responsible only for the process of storing and recognizing fingerprint.

Maybe in the future we will discover new data regarding the likely hacking of these Apple services, but so far no reason to worry about their data not.

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