What body parts can be used to unlock the iPhone?

The fingerprint scanner Touch ID is able to recognize the touch of other human body parts. This writes the Reddit user with the nickname “A_Gigantic_Potato”, tried all possible variants of interaction with the fingerprint sensor.

What body parts can be used to unlock the iPhone?

He said that to unlock the iPhone, you can use the tip of the nose and the palm of your hand. In addition, the Touch ID sensor successfully detects the patterns on the balls of his feet. The task of the recognition lines on the fingers biometric sensor to cope better.

It is also known that Apple can unlock it using the toes. In addition, to unlock iPhone you can use your own nipple. Blogger’s post caused heated discussions on the Network. Surprised the commentators are keenly interested in whether to unlock the phone the female nipple. And what happens if you attach to the gadget other parts of the body.

Parts of the body to work with Touch ID:

  • Fingers.
  • Palm.
  • Big toe.
  • Other toes.
  • The ball of the foot.
  • Nose (very hard).
  • The back surface of the index finger (very hard)
  • The heel (works better than the big toe).
  • Nipples.

If the fingerprints we leave on all subjects which concern, nipples and toes are in contact only with selected surfaces, and therefore protected from “theft” is much better. However, at issue is the aesthetic side of the issue. And if applying the iPhone to the bare chest look its touching, then reach out a toe to the Home button can only fairly flexible people.

What body parts can be used to unlock the iPhone?

Ardent supporters of this method of authentication will have to warn his companions in advance to be patient in waiting for a call to get a toe to the smartphone in a public place is not so easy.

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