What can we expect from iPad Pro 2

First iPhone, first iPad and in particular the first MacBook Air is the device, the output of which could be ignored, then to purchase a much better model. Agree, the difference between the original iPad and iPad 2 is huge. Maybe after a while we can say the same about the Apple Watch or iPad Pro. Colleagues from Business Insider suggested thinking that may change with the advent of iPad Pro 2.

3D Touch

This technology appeared in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, but not yet available even in the newest tablets from Apple. Together with 3D Touch new gestures and interface elements. It is fair to assume that in just a year all this will appear on the big and small screens of iPads.

Changes in the App Store

We’ve talked recently about the restrictions faced by developers of professional applications. However, the professional tool need professional software, and Apple is required to solve the problem.

The charging rate and duration of

iPad Pro battery life works as long as every other iPad. However, just because Apple has staffed the tablet longer Lightning cable. If your tablet is constantly at work, he may have to quite often work with connected charger. Would be much better if the iPad Pro 2 is faster charging and slower discharge.

New Apple Pencil

Than bad existing? It needs to be charged. He is not attached to the iPad Pro. It’s too hard to buy.

New cover-keyboard

Colleagues from Business Insider believes that Apple should go the way of Microsoft and offer two keyboard options for the iPad Pro. The first option we already have, and the second should have more in common with a laptop keyboard. Keys must be plastic, and the stroke must be bigger.

An adapted version of iOS

Many have noticed that the large screen iPad Pro familiar interface elements in iOS do not look quite naturally, leaving the space unoccupied. If Apple will be able to use the new space to good use, the iPad Pro will be much more desirable.


If we want to work on the iPad Pro, it needs to be as powerful as a laptop. The first model of the tablet can compete with last year’s MacBook Pro. Why not 2 iPad Pro to compete with the newer and powerful computers?

USB Type-C

After all, we want to connect to your tablet accessories and removable media.

64 GB memory

We are already tired of talking about that 16 gigabytes of memory today. Soon the 32 GB is not enough.

Support second screen

Sometimes the professionals like to work on big screens, and the iPad Pro screen can be called great only for the tablet. If the new model truly will become an indispensable working tool, it is worth considering different options for its use.

According to the materials of Business Insider

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