What data is “Vkontakte” reports to the police without a court decision

Representatives of “Vkontakte” told what data the social network gives law enforcement without a court order. In the enumerated list included almost everything except text-based conversation users.

On the social networking site in the section on data protection has a detailed list of information that “Vkontakte” can provide the authorities without a court decision.

Also in this publication, noted how law enforcement agencies must apply to receive any data, and how professionals examine the grounds for the request.

In addition, the team of “Vkontakte” also noted that she does not have the right to notify users of incoming queries.

We consider requests that are submitted in writing and comply with current laws. Our specialists will carefully examine whether there are grounds to request information. If the requirements in treatment was not justified, we do not give out the data. Before you provide the answer to the query, we also check that it really will receive an official authority or an authorised person.

In the request the public authority must be: signature of official and stamp of the authorized Agency an accurate list data about the user that should be granted, and the grounds of such demand. The right to privacy of correspondence guaranteed by article 23 of the Constitution, so private messages may not be issued to any of the state authorities without a court order.

Without judgment we can provide: address of personal page of the user, time and IP address registration profile, mobile phone number, email address, time and IP address of the last password change, a history of changing the user name and the attached mobile phone number, time and IP address of the host specified in the request content, the history of locks, page and cases in support, the history and the list of IP addresses to log on to the page.

Unfortunately, to notify users of incoming queries in the most countries of the world, including Russia, is prohibited.

Now, when the provided data is cleared, users must be serious about their actions in a social network.

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