What feature hides Safari in iOS 10?

Increase RAM in iPhone and iPad instantly solved the problem restart open in browser tabs, instead of bringing himself another unpleasant feature. Seeming at first sight very insignificant, it has long been a tumor on a healthy body is almost perfect devices, preventing use of the browser in the full and desired by most users. But it’s all in the past.

With the release of iOS 10 owners of compatible devices got the opportunity to search for already open tabs in Safari. It is expected that this capability will allow users who prefer to keep open up to a dozen of assorted web pages, not to be lost in them during work and switch between them much faster than before. Integrated in such a way if it existed here before, the search function is designed to significantly increase the productivity of the owners when working with iPhone or iPad.

  • Open the Safari browser on the device running iOS 10.0 or higher;
  • If you use the iPhone flip it, rotate the iPad, regardless of display size do not have;
  • Open a single window with advanced tab by clicking on the respective button in the upper right corner;

  • Click on the search bar in the upper left corner and enter a keyword to reduce the number of open tabs to the relevant;

  • Select the desired tab from the list.

Please note that the search function on the iPhone, regardless of generation, and the diagonal of the display appears in landscape orientation. For this you will need to unblock the change of orientation in the control Center, which is called swipe from the bottom up, or toggle the side switch depending on chosen settings. Similar ability to add new tabs in Safari on computers running OS X and macOS missing. It is not excluded, however, that it will be added with one of the upcoming updates.

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