What happens to the prices of the iPhone in Russia?

At the end of December and in early January there was a wave of rumors related to a possible rise in technology, including devices from Apple. Immediately after that, the buyers began to sweep away from shelves iPhone, which caused a shortage of some models of the smartphone from authorized Resellers. But what happened to the price actually?

Edition RBC examined the pricing policy of retail chains at the end of January compared with the period before the Christmas holidays. What was the surprise of experts, when the growth of prices they have found.

It is reported that raised the price of smartphones only retail chain M. Video and MTS — the growth amounted to 1.3 % and 3.1 %, respectively. MegaFon, for example, on the contrary, even reduced the price of almost two percent. Among iPhone most expensive iPhone 5s (4 %), the cost of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus fell five percent.

Tablets, including the iPad, has really risen, and by 8-10 %. Quite strange, considering that the Russian tablet market now is that tumbleweed doesn’t — there are practically no sales.

Analysts note that while the Resellers are struggling to keep prices on iOS devices, but it can’t stretch. If the dollar to the ruble will not fall below 70 rubles, the price increase will be inevitable. Now retail chains to keep prices because they purchased the device they are still at the old prices.

So it’s safe to say that the price increase was to some extent artificially “inflated” by Resellers to increase sales, but partially the cost of the technology has really risen. We will closely monitor the situation on the market and tell you where it is cheaper to buy an iPhone and iPad in Russia.

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