What happens when you cross the iPhone with the new BlackBerry Priv

After the release of iPhone case manufacturer of BlackBerry smartphones are not very good. Users gladly replaced the QWERTY keyboard on touch screens. BlackBerry can leave the business if their new BlackBerry Priv will not meet expectations. By the way, it has been very interesting, and as many have noted. Some really liked this smartphone, they made the concept of the iPhone, based on the main distinguishing features BlackBerry Priv.

BlackBerry Priv — touch smartphone with a sliding body and a physical QWERTY keyboard. It looks very interesting. So I wonder what Curved/Labs decided to turn the iPhone into a QWERTY slider, at least virtually. Your creation designers named “iPhone 6k”. It is easy to guess that the letter “k” stands for the word “keyboard”.

I cannot describe how convenient it would be such a decision, but this looks imaginary the smartphone quite interesting. The concept was good and realistic, but from this it does not cease to be a concept. Unlikely Apple will ever turn iPhone into a slider.

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