What hides the book of Apple for 20 thousand rubles?

Just a few days ago Apple has launched the exclusive limited edition book “Designed by Apple in California” from 450 photos iPhone, iPod, Mac and other devices, which describes the 20 years of history of the design division of the company. Its cost is $ 299 — about 20 thousand rubles. Want to look inside? Well, let’s.

Despite the fact that the book has almost no text, it still is an interest, not only for Apple fans.

We created a book about design, says Jonathan Ive, Apple design chief. But not about the actual design and development of devices. This is a visual representation of our work, you’ll learn how we work, what are and what they want to achieve in the future.

Blogger EverythingApplePro has already purchased a large edition (there is also a small over $ 200) and gave it a 10 minute tour. Close the blinds, mute the light, look!

The book is dedicated to the memory of Steve jobs.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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