What is the difference between the 3D Touch and Haptic Touch?

Tell, what will be the replacement of the 3D Touch in the iPhone. How is it different from the original, what functions are supported how to use it and what will happen in the future with technology.

Since the announcement of the iPhone 6s, which debuted 3D Touch, Apple pays this feature quite a bit of attention. New features, of course, appear, but fundamental changes were made.

3D Touch works by a pressure-sensitive screen. It reinforced the pressing activates additional functions like cursor control on the keyboard and preview links. Each pressing is accompanied by tactile feedback. Now it is a feature of the new iPhone models with special displays, but that will soon change.

IPhone in XR is set to a normal screen. He does not recognize the pressing force, and features 3D Touch still supports. At least some of them for sure. Moreover, Apple has promised to implement the Taptic Engine that provides haptic feedback.

Back to pressure sensitive screens. How this will work in iPhone XR? Very simple. Excessive pressure will just replace a long. Apple already has done this with a branded tablet. Now supports iPad as much as 5 types of touch.

  • Normal touch.
  • Touch with a short hold to move shortcuts and files.
  • A touch of long-hold to uninstall apps from the desktop.
  • Touch and hold to open a list of recently opened files.
  • And long press on the notification to access additional functions.

Thus, Apple managed to hang a bunch of functions at the touch even without special displays.

Probably in iPhone XR will use a similar system, namely the second version of the touch. To test, you can now take your iPad and hold your finger on one of the icons in the control room. The corresponding extended menu will appear faster than on iPhone without 3D Touch. Also this feature will work in the new budget smartphone Apple, only with tactile feedback.

With functionality not yet clear. Some features 3D Touch already available on older devices. For example, moving the cursor on the keyboard, and delete multiple notifications. Will the iPhone XR to activate the preview links or access shortcuts on the desktop icons, unknown.

Also at issue is the fate of the 3D Touch in General. Technology exists three years, and during that time people have not learned to use it. A huge number of iPhone owners are either not aware of the existence of this possibility either does not understand how to work with it. Besides Apple itself gradually gives exclusive features 3D Touch smartphones with the old displays, thereby hinting that it is not really something and need these steep sensitive screens. Fans of the feature, one can only hope that the next generation Haptic Touch iPhone finally will replace the 3D-Touch.

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