What is TON and why is this all beginning to speak

Telegram began to develop into something more in the times of the origin of the channels and bots. Now Pavel Durov has something particularly ambitious and decided to release their cryptocurrency TON.

What is TON and why is this all beginning to speak

What is the feature and why TON better Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency will work on the basis of the Telegram, and that she was the cause of the blocking of the service. TON will not only further protect the messenger, but also give all users a convenient way to transfer money. Features:

  • high speed machining,
  • high load on the network
  • low transaction cost.

The basis of the Telegram and a lot more investment put into the design will allow the cryptocurrency Paul to become more popular and convenient than the Bitcoin.

What is TON and why is this all beginning to speak

By the way, about investments, in just two rounds of the auction Paul managed to sell the tokens for a record of 1.7 billion U.S. dollars. It is unthinkable amount allow peace to develop without fear of material complications. Recently, Durov announced that the third auction will not be as money enough in the whole development.

A few items

While the entire process of creating, testing, and the organization is under the status of relative secrecy. However, the network leaked some rumors. For example, recently became aware of a new app from the makers of Telegram.

What is TON and why is this all beginning to speak

In it, users will be able to store all your data such as passport, in order to at any time convenient way to be able to share them with any platform. Reportedly all safe. But in another case: apparently, Durov decided to identify each user TON. Who knows, maybe in order to weed out the intruders.

Also there are rumors that some time after the launch of cryptocurrency, the leadership of the Telegram depart from her office and let TON float freely. Indeed, this will allow us to develop the technology independently, without any influence, which will only benefit.

Architecture TON

Technology will be integrated directly into the existing clients of the Telegram, and the cost of transactions will be significantly reduced, compared with existing counterparts. This will be possible thanks to a special TON work: units will be automatically separated and collected.

What is TON and why is this all beginning to speak

Programmers have long Telegram by developing a new way of transaction between the blocks. They will happen very quickly and independently, but this will strongly depend on the total number of blocks.

About the technology and its nuances can say a lot, but the whole point listed above. TON is definitely a thing of the future, which will change the existing view of not only currencies, but also on cash transactions in principle.

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