What is WebKit in watchOS 5 and that he gives

WatchOS 5 Apple added support for WebKit. Now users will be able to browse numerous sites right on your wrist – reports MacRumors.

Previously received in iMessage or mail links, watch offered to open on the iPhone. It was very uncomfortable, so often to view messages users used a smartphone. But Apple has fixed the problem.

Now watchOS 5 simple HTML emails and websites will run directly on Apple Watch. The controls are all the same: to scroll using the side scroll wheel or dragging your finger across the display.

Double tap, just like in iOS, will increase or decrease the page. To navigate through your history you need to use the Force Touch, which displays on the screen buttons “Back” and “Forward”, or swipe left and right.

WebKit uses special mechanisms to optimize large sites for the small screen. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch will not be available such things as video and web fonts.

However, users will be able to work with HTML-pages and enable “reader Mode” in Safari. The function is activated automatically where possible, but you can disable it using Force Touch.

Watch OS 5, which will be released in the fall of 2018, will have many new features, including Walkie-Talkie to communicate with friends, automatic detection of activity and updated the dial Siri.

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