What resulted in the failure of Apple from the 3.5 mm Jack

Life without a 3.5 mm mini-Jack – has decided to Cupertino, ignoring the pleas of their own clients, delivered iPhone 7 from the coveted slot. Starting thus the laying of the road to a wireless future, Apple is literally plunged into the horror of headphone manufacturers, but, fortunately, not for long. Now many of them are willing to thank so hated the company for an unprecedented growth of popularity of wireless AudioCenter.

“Today, we can observe systematic increase in the share of wireless headphones, which are undoubtedly a significant step towards the future, — said Sam Paschel, commercial Director workshop Scullcandy. – According to experts, in the near future you planned semidesyatiletiyu sales growth [wireless headphones]. That is why their design and development, we spend most of our resources”.

But you cannot rely on Apple, which has deprived its own smartphones familiar to most audiophiles connector, said Pascal. To attract customers crayfish on the record – not a lot of manufacturers of high quality audio. “The transition into the wireless era should be accompanied by essential improvement of the sound quality, comparable with what we experience in cinemas”, he concluded.

“Wireless technology has a great future – largely due to an exceptional headphone that allows you to deal with untangling wires around his neck. Not far off, however, and those are the times when the headphones will turn into something much bigger,” agreed with Paskalem Andreas Handsfree, co-founder Sennheiser, noting, however, that wired solutions continue to occupy about half of the total market. In their favor, as a rule, says the low cost and familiar to many design.

According to the materials of CNBC

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