What should be the ideal Retina MacBook?

Bloomberg found out about the release in June of three new models of Apple laptops, including an updated 12-inch MacBook. It is expected that the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air will receive the latest Intel Core i7. But what will the Retina M acBook, is still unknown.

The MacBook itself is a pretty controversial model. The device is clad in slim case, offers decent battery life and is sufficient for everyday tasks level of computing power. Thanks to the advent of the Intel Core M processor, which has distributed architecture Core segment Metroeconomica system-on-chip, Apple has created a laptop usage scenario is close to the tablet. If you follow the logic of the company, it can be replaced by iPad Pro, which combines the performance of laptop and tablet form factor.

MacBook inferior to the technical characteristics of cheaper models on the top Windows and Chromebooks. For example, the ASUS Chromebook offers similar CPU and RAM but at the price twice below. Of course, this laptop boasts a high build quality and premium design. But he is only one USB connector-C. Even without taking into account the prices of the Retina MacBook is not the best model on the market.

If Apple will abandon the 12-inch MacBook, it may lose share in the segment of affordable laptops. Especially because the MacBook Air has not seen updates in the past year. The basic version is a more interesting model MacBook Pro costs $1500, while many users prefer chromebooks $300.

Apple really should reconsider the line of MacBook. The laptop needs to remain the same slim that eliminates a significant increase in power. Maybe you should start with to add a second USB type-C that will make the device more versatile and will allow you to charge it from any side. Most likely, Apple originally used only a single port because of the high cost of controllers. But now they are much cheaper, and the connector seems quite reasonable.

Add to this the latest Intel Core m5, at least 8 GB of RAM and you will get a great laptop for everyday tasks. If the price of this model drops to $899 for the version with 128 GB of memory, this model will interest many users.

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