What to do if iPhone is not charging

Sooner or later iPhone owners may encounter one problem: the smartphone is charging through once or not at all “sees” a single charge cable. This problem has several solutions, you need to use them before take your device to a service center.

First of all check the charging port of the smartphone to the presence of dust, dirt and other foreign objects. I found that the problem of incorrect charging of the iPhone 6 lies exactly in this: even if the dirt is not visible at first, it does not mean that it is not.

Worst of all, unscrupulous service centers might not tell you about the presence of dirt and immediately advised to replace the lower cable. But this pleasure is not free, so be prepared to shell out a couple of thousand. So you better contact the trusted service centers.

If the port is okay, check the charging cable is perhaps that it has failed. With visible damage may not be, so just in case try charging another device.

The most obvious way is to change the socket, but we hope that you will do it in the first place.

Also worth a try to restart the iPhone, it is better to use a hard reset (pressing Home+Power). It is possible that the problem lies in the adapter, so try using a different.

Only then bring the device to the service center.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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