What to do if the iPhone restarts itself

Some iPhone users often complain that their smartphones sometimes reboot by themselves. But one thing, when this happens they time, and quite another if the issue is repeated several times. What to do in this case?

First make the most important and obvious ā€” check the available updates for your operating system. If the y are, be sure to install on recent versions of iOS the iPhone and iPad actually work more stable.

Another step that is associated with the update, this update the programs themselves. Users often pile up dozens of apps and not update them. If you, for example, 36 applications are pending updates, it is better to fulfill their requirements. Cool the way that works in most cases ā€” forced to reboot. Hold the Home button and the power button for 10 seconds until the “Apple” logo.

If the app crashes, try uninstall it and install again. In repeated sorties to do something useless: it means that you have not adapted your app to your iOS version. Here an exit only one ā€” to wait for the update.

Sometimes the device also starts to become unstable, if he has “clogged” memory. Clean your iPhone and free up a few extra gigabytes. If your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch continues to restart, backup the device and reset the operating system.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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