What to do with your old iPhone after buying a new: 10 unusual applications

After a year or two after you purchase iPhone you have to buy a new one because the old model is obsolete, though, and copes with most everyday tasks. But now, what to do with your old smartphone? iPhone can adapt to something that will be useful.

In this article you will find some tips on how to give your phone a second life and applied for business benefit. So, get the pet, let’s blow off the dust and fight again!

Alarm clock

What to do with an old iPhone 4s or iPod touch after buying an iPhone 6s? Leave the old smartphone on the bedside table. Download from App Store one of the numerous applications and use the phone as an alarm clock or weather widget.

AirPlay receiver

Unnecessary turn your iPhone into a wireless receiver so as to transmit streamed music or the radio to an external audio system. A developer named Karen Tsai has released a jailbreak tweak AirSpeaker giving Apple gadgets features AirPlay receiver for streaming music. Everything you need to organize streaming for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch ā€“ set an unofficial app. If you connect a gadget to a Wi-Fi network, it will appear on other devices as AirPlay receiver that can output sound.

MP3 player

If you are a serious lover of music and most of the day glued to your headphones, you undoubtedly have had to think about buying a special device for this. After all, if you use your primary phone, it is in the evening you can stay without communication. Why get an old iPhone, load up media content and use it as a dedicated music player. The smartphone can be kept in the car if you are driving. Comfortable players in the App Store there are plenty. But if you’re a fan of online radio, there is nothing better than TuneIn you’ll definitely not find.

CCTV camera

The need to monitor what is happening in the house in your absence can occur for several reasons. Perhaps you are afraid of thieves, and maybe you want to know, what does your cat when assured that no one sees him. Outdated iPhone can turn into a excellent video camera. To do this, simply install the appropriate application. Of course, one hundred percent secure to guarantee that it’s silly, but even if the robbery still happened, the gadget can provide at least some evidence. IOS apps have the ability to react to movement and sound.

iPhone may sound, if the device is disconnected from power or unlocked with unnatural noise. By the way, if you use your smartphone as alarm system, for those who value personal space, this “feature” will be more than interesting, because it would thus be possible, for example, to see who comes to the workplace, while you’re at lunch.

Controller for smart home

The old iPhone can be used as a remote control. Just place it in a convenient place to connect your home lighting, wireless router, garage door, heating elements, household appliances etc. Manufacturers have released plenty of gadgets that are compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Expansion module for stand-alone lens

The range of third-party companies have several Autonomous photoproto for iPhone with good optics. For example, with QX1 and QX30 or the Oppo O-Lens to take pictures, on quality comparable with pictures taken with SLR cameras. Console, in fact, is a separate camera that attaches to the phone using a special clip. The device has its own matrix, battery, memory card slot and lens, but no viewfinder ā€” its role will fulfill the screen of the old iPhone.

Car gadget

No less useful your iPhone can be in the car. From an old smartphone will make a great Navigator or DVR. Of course, you have to buy the fasteners for the windshield, fortunately on the market are countless. When the app is running, iPhone will perform the same as conventional video recorder/Navigator. And here a clear advantage ā€“ no need to suffer every time with the mount in the host smartphone or to separately buy a dedicated device.

GPS tracker for car

Of course, any owner the car after purchase immediately sets the alarm, and the more expensive the vehicle the steeper the alarm. But if the car is still opened, then the old smartphone can be a link. Using the “Find my iPhone”, a mobile device can be found by GPS. If the phone is well hidden in the car, it means it will help you to easily find and the machine itself.

Baby monitor

A newborn needs constant care. Parents are willing to devote to your baby all the time. But in order to in moments of forced absence is to be sure that the baby is all right, you can use iPhone as baby monitor. A smartphone will let you respond to the crying or waking baby.

The CarPlay system

A free tweak from Cydia allows you to run on the iPhone car interface, Apple CarPlay. Thus everyone can transfer technology to the mobile device without having to connect to the onboard system of the vehicle. This is very important given the limited support CarPlay from the car manufacturers.

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