What to give for the upcoming holidays without breaking the Bank?

Than able to please stores from China in the new year period? Needless to say, sales of anything and everything. We have collected a small selection of useful household inexpensive suggestions that can help you make the right selection option for gift to friends and relatives, if you for some reason do not have time in the holidays to approach this issue with caution.

Apple Watch ā€” a great Christmas gift, but all my friends and acquaintances to give them quite expensive. But such a popular tracker, Xiaomi Mi Band, you can please the friend or family member. To tell you about it, perhaps it makes no sense, it’s a fashionable device to track walking activities and sleep, which have to be recharged less often than once a month, delivered on our pages more than once. For his 17 dollars Xiaomi Mi Band is a great candidate to buy (and don’t forget the coupon for an additional discount).

Let’s continue the most popular companions of smartphone ā€” powerbank, or external battery. The smartphone has not lived, and lived as much as the user wants, in a bag many already now it is possible to discover a simple metal or plastic bar that can give a new life to the phone a couple of times away from an outlet. For example, here is such Xiaomi 10,000 mAh for $ 17 is a perfect gift for the person who still have not obtained their own external battery, or simply not aware they exist.

Sometimes we come to the test device Momax company, which has a pretty price and high build quality. So with peace of mind I can advise pretty podobraziu column from the same company. Supports both wired and wireless connection, with the aptX codec is also not forgotten. The cost Momax Panda within the new year sales is $ 44, which when you use the coupon for an additional discount can be “down” 8. Well, for 36 dollars Momax Panda becomes even more interesting gift, because pandas love it!

On holidays and in a harsh working life people are willing to shoot yourself to your favorite social networks and just like that, without any purpose. Selfies have become part of our life, and to “cut” better with a special monopod. The range has long been not small and still not very proud of the company Xiaomi available and such, and at very moderate, less than 12.5 U.S. dollars, prices. However, think twice before “plant” person in the selfie with the help of this gift ā€” people become very inattentive and get into various unpleasant situations.

Well, finally I would like to mention one more thing that you can give to yourself and your colleague and relatives: the speakers by dostyle DS206. Yes, a notorious music lover they are definitely not perfect, nor are they element of a multiroom system. But to voice a personal space when watching movies is clearly capable and will do it better than built in laptop sound sources. Wooden case, 8 watts of power and the price is $ 17 (without coupon $ 8).

And what gifts you are going to give to their friends, strangers, relatives, friends, enemies and other neighbors on the planet?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

Hi! Iā€™m Clifton and I am a full-stack engineer with a passion for building performant and scalable applications that are beautiful and easy to use.

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