What to give on March 8? Up-House knows the answer!

Nearing the 8th of March, and leave our favorite women’s gifts well, no way. Suggest you not to be banal and not to give a perfume or a bracelet, and something really interesting and unusual. And, most importantly, useful.

And help us in this store and longtime partner AppleInsider.ru store Up-House. Specially for International women’s day it offers cool gadgets and accessories at good prices.

For Example, Elari CardPhone. It is a modern push-button telephone with an incredibly compact size. Use it as a standalone device or in addition to iPhone, synchronize them via Bluetooth. There is, incidentally, the version in blue and orange color. Of 4 990 rubles.

Some would say that the external battery accessory is not for women. Try this on for size, in shape and size as a lipstick? Remax Power Bank looks stylish Lip, 2400 mAh (enough to charge iPhone one time), but still just 1 299 roubles. Budget and good taste.

Or like this — Chanel Power Bank. And the mirror, and external battery that will easily fit in your handbag. 3500 mAh, price 1 699 rubles, and the logo of the famous fashion houses make it very attractive.

Well, our favorite classic wireless speakers. 2 Mini Square Box from Xiaomi not only looks cool, but sounds good. A gift for two people, so take note. 4 499 rubles Up in-House.

Little what girl would refuse accessories for photo and selfie, ask our Natasha. Monopods, lenses, tripods — any will be delighted with this gift.

Who doesn’t love minions? Love all the minions! How about a flash drive with their favorite characters — Bob, Kevin and Stuart? 1 799 rubles, compact size and cool design.

Discount on all goods 300 rubles on the promo code appleinsider!

Gifts for your beloved you can find on the store’s website Up-House — suddenly want to buy her a new iPhone or MacBook.

PS Oh, and don’t forget about flowers!

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