What we give up by buying iPhone 7

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus ā€“ the latest Apple smartphones. They were presented in September, and they work with the latest technologies. But not with all the technology they operate. Smartphones competitors know much of what the owners of even the newest iPhone available. Of course, not all the features of other smartphones are really useful, but maybe someone wants to see something from this list in your iPhone.

Wireless charging

Apple acknowledges wireless headphones, but wireless charging for the company so far does not exist. At the same time a huge number of smartphones running Android and even Windows Mobile supports wireless charging. It would be nice to see wireless charging in a future iPhone.

Fast charging

Which would be a powerful exercises you take, it will not speed up the charging process of the battery. Devices from Google, Samsung and many other manufacturers support fast charging. Even Chinese smartphone makers are using this technology. All of it looks different. We consider the example of Google. You can put the smartphone Pixel to be charged for 15 minutes, after which his charge will last for 7 hours of use.

A constant image on the screen

Samsung and some other companies that use AMOLED displays in its smartphones, can you afford not to disable them without much harm to autonomy. Smartphone can always show you time, notifications, and other information. iPhone can not do.

Dual SIM card

Certainly among our readers there are those who use the iPhone in addition to a second device for communication. Many little one room. Someone travels, someone who wants to separate personal and work contacts. Many have two or more SIM cards, but iPhone owners can’t use them in a single smartphone. If you select from Android smartphones, even flagship devices support two SIM-cards.

Of course, this is not a complete list. You can recall the memory cards, and you can’t forget about headphones 3,5 mm. Someone may lack the customization options of the interface, someone wants to install by default a different web browser. Even the led that different colors shall notify the owners of Android-devices about missed calls and messages can seem attractive. But Apple is in no hurry with all these features.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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