What will the Apple employees for Christmas?

In recent years, Tim cook introduced the tradition to give employees the retail division of Apple memorable Christmas gifts. Last year workers received urBeats headphones and a 9-month subscription to Apple Music, and the year before they got stylish backpacks Incase Staple. What Apple executives are pleased with their subordinates this year?

In fact, this time the gift is much more modest, at least from the material point of view. Apple Store employees got t-shirts limited edition in black color with two white rings inside. If you look closely, you can see that the rings are composed of letters that compose the names of Apple stores around the world.

By the way, like a t-shirt you can buy at the gift shop on the campus of the Apple except for the fact that the version instead of the names of the stores appear on the product released by the company. The price of this t-shirt is $ 29. The amount is small, but fans of Apple will certainly appeal to a very limited version, and they lay out for it much more.

In addition to t-shirts, Christmas set Apple employee also included an envelope in which hid a white card with a minimalistic design. It in the usual sublimely poetic style are the basic values of the company, staff should remember in the coming year.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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