What would you change in accessories Apple Magic for Mac?

This year, Apple introduced an updated line of branded accessories. Among the new products the company handles Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad 2 2.

Keyboard Magic Keyboard, Magic mouse and Magic Trackpad 2 2 are more comfortable, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. They are all equipped with built-in Li-ion battery, all replacement batteries are no longer needed, and the devices themselves become more solid and comfortable to use.

Accessories are interfaced with a computer via Bluetooth. For charging devices use the standard Lightning. To fully charge each gadget will take about two hours. Autonomy is stated at one month or more, depending on usage scenarios.

In the case of keyboard Magic Keyboard we are talking about a revised mechanism of the buttons, and also reduced by 13% the dimensions of the device. In turn the Magic Trackpad with the index “2” boasts increased 29% area of the touch surface. Moreover, the gamepad can Force Touch technology. Magic mouse 2 in comparison with the predecessor became a little lighter, stronger and got new “legs”.

The new range of Apple accessories has received many long-awaited innovations, however, it has the potential to improve. The following is a list of what the company could realize in 3 Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard 3 2:

  • Redesign the Magic Mouse, so that it can be used while charging.
  • Add Magic Mouse support for Touch Force and Click Force.
  • Add bar Touch Bar Touch ID and the keyboard Magic Keyboard.
  • Model Magic Keyboard with the classic mechanism of the keys.
  • The “butterfly” second-generation Magic Keyboard.
  • Brand numpad for Magic Keyboard.
  • Color Space Gray for the entire line of accessories Magic.
  • Model the keyboard, mouse and trackpad in the colors gold, pink gold and “black onyx”.
  • The transition from Lightning-to-USB-C on all Apple accessories.
  • The USB-C port / Thunderbolt 3 to connect additional accessories.

What you are missing in the Apple accessories? What would you like to see a new Magic keyboard, Magic mouse and Magic Trackpad?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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