What’s in my iPhone — app to listen to podcasts Breaker

Edition MacDigger shares useful and interesting application that will appeal to many users.

Today it is increasingly possible to see people while driving, walking or just doing housework listening to podcasts. While listening, you can learn the news, to read the book and learn a new recipe. And all this in a very convenient, audio format.

App for podcasts, even the Apple – it appeared quite a long time. Despite this, it still has a lot of mistakes, a lot of inconvenience, and the only thing that has changed in it over the years. That’s why all fans of the podcast should pay your attention to the third-party app – Breaker.

It is both simple and has all the necessary functions. Among them, listening, search and download podcasts. There is also the presence of social features, so you can subscribe to channels, to share a favorite passage, follow friends ‘ activity feeds, like podcasts and leave comments under them.


In addition to great set of features, it is worth noting the almost complete absence of mistakes and problems in the application. It allows without too much loss of nerves to deal with listening to useful information. In addition, clicking the tab Discover, you can discover daily, weekly and monthly collections.

In General, Breaker – not just great for listening to podcasts, but also a social network. Thanks to her, many authors have found recognition, and users – the opportunity to learn something new. Breaker is completely free and available in the App Store.

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