What’s new in iOS 10? Apple released the long awaited update

Today, Craig Federighi, Apple’s Vice President, presented “the big” update (according to him) is iOS. The new version of mobile operating system Apple includes a brand new lock screen, updated notifications, improved support for 3D Touch, and new tools to interact with applications. Intrigued? Let’s read more.

Here is the updated lock screen. Have the opportunity to take actions with notifications directly on the screen with the 3D Touch, the button “clear all notifications” and other features.

Amazing change in the Spotlight search. Here now not only offers Siri and search results, but also other useful information: scores, your calendar, weather and even video playback!

The most important innovation is, perhaps, open Siri API for third party developers. Now users will be able to communicate with voice assistant as a person: for example, “open my latest article on AppleInsider.ru” call a taxi by using a “Taksik”, “write in a Slack Director, and so on.

As stated Federighi, Apple “brings the intelligence of Siri in the keyboard” — a new feature QuickType will be a real boon for those who love to chat. Right here contact information, current location, calendar, and recent addresses.

In the photos app,” there was a recognition not only of persons but also objects. Photo sorting has also become more advanced due to the accessibility of Memories. According to Apple representatives, the company uses artificial intelligence to organize photos with albums like “Family”, “Travel” and “mom’s birthday” are created automatically. Integration with macOS Sierra, of course, not passed by.

Card. 10 in the iOS app got a new design and features. Improved navigation, a new interface, updated information about traffic, CarPlay works perfectly. Apple Maps now open to third-party developers — you can find the restaurant in OpenTable, open it on a map, rent a car, Uber and pay with Apple Pay.

Music. 15 million paid subscribers of the service, this is not the limit. The app is presented in a brand new way — perhaps this is the design that we were waiting for. Now the service will pick the music to suit your preferences even better in the tab “For you”, and text support will allow songs to sing along to the beloved performer. The interface is really cool, like the new font.

Perhaps the only negative updates — we will again have to get used to the new application and to understand it. Still Beats 1 appeared in Russia… but no, this time the miracle did not happen.

As for Apple News, 60 million users are actively using the app around the world. New design in the style of Flipboard in the kit. The app now has a paid subscription and notification of the most urgent news. It is a pity that Russian users are not affected.

Apple continues to develop HomeKit, the company released a new app Home for iOS. Using your iPhone, iPad and special accessories you will be able to completely manage your house: turn on the lights, adjust the brightness, open Windows, and more. The app will be available directly on the lock screen — for example, the picture from the surveillance camera.

Think of it all? And here and there. In the Phone app, voice messages are converted to text automatically. The utility interface has been updated, VoIP API available for third-party developers, including WhatsApp.

In iMessage appeared a recognition of links and YouTube videos, improved integration with Photos app (something like Telegram), new emojis, which were… three times more! New effects of bubbles to enhance the emotion will allow you to transfer to the interlocutor, all that you feel. Although… probably easier to call.

There is also the possibility to draw messages and reply to the source with Digital Touch (Yes, just like the Apple Watch!).

But this function deserves special attention — sending tracks from Apple Music and audition directly in iMessage. Apple has created another “wall” Vkontakte, is not it? But the store stickers for iMessage like… some Viber.

Another very important possibility, which was mentioned in passing — support shared notes.

The first beta version of iOS 10 for developers is available today. Public release is, as usual, will fall. What did you like most?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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