What’s new in iOS 12 Beta 2

July 19, Apple released the second beta of iOS to developers 12. As expected, there were changes and new bugs.

The use of the battery. In iOS 12 Beta 2 provides a revised section “the Battery”, which shows a graph of device usage over the last 24 hours.

Screen Time. A function of Time Screen now works for all users. The first beta version of iOS 12 when you click on the app, just open the menu “Limits”. The same action in iOS 12 Beta 2 displays a screen with detailed information about the application and usage statistics. It is also possible to add restrictions on use.

In iOS 12 Beta 2 have the opportunity to view the work of Screen Time on all devices or only on one.

Autocomplete passwords. In the beta version of the updated interface to auto-fill passwords stored in iCloud Keychain.

Other changes:

  • Under “Notifications” there was a switch that disables Siri suggestions for app notifications. Siri in iOS 12 offers to turn off notifications from apps that are rarely used.
  • In the settings there is a section Downtime, which disables the program during the selected period of time.
  • When you unlock iPhone X shows the inscription “is Scanned using the Face ID”.
  • Increased the font size for the list of “media Types” and “Albums” in the Photos app.
  • In iOS 12 Beta 2 has changed the search engine photos. For example, if you set a specific date, for example, on 10 July, the Photos app displays all photos and videos for all year, made 10 July.
  • The Recorder added a welcome window.
  • There is vibration when you unlock iPhone.
  • Fixed a bug with the GPS.
  • The app “Podcasts” appeared in the string “Now playing”.
  • Updated the icon location.
  • Non-optimized apps on the iPad are displayed in the size of 4.7 inches (iPhone 6). Previously, these were displayed in a 3.5 inch window.

In addition to the beneficial changes in the second beta version of iOS 12 discovered new bugs:

  • Does not work widget “Weather”.
  • Netflix can fly, and Twitter show a blank screen at startup.
  • Music playback may not stop if one of the AirPods headphones protruding from your ear.
  • CarPlay doesn’t work with some cars.
  • FaceTime can fly.
  • After upgrading to iOS 12 Beta 2 all settings are reset Screen Time.
  • Recordings made with the Recorder application, you can sync between devices, even if you enabled iCloud sync.

iOS 12 is available only to developers, but Apple has promised to release a public beta version to all users before the end of June. This is likely to be the same Assembly that iOS 12 Beta 2 for developers.

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