What’s so good about the iPhone 7?

Even more surprising than the recent fiasco of Samsung company, event 2016 was an unprecedented demand for new iPhone 7. He predicted the crash long before presentation, he was accused of imperfection and simply hated. But he surpassed all expectations, once again demonstrating the inadequacy of floating rumors and leaks. And after all, what’s the secret to the popularity of the iPhone 7? To understand this question decided analysts at Bank of America.

According to the study, about 65% of the participants of the plebiscite stated that the primary reason that pushed them to buy, was seriously increased battery life of the gadget. Second place in the ranking of the most fundamental innovations of the iPhone 7 managed to win the protection from water and dust according to IP67 standard. Thus the improved camera of the smartphone has not attracted so much attention ā€” she is interested in only 54% of respondents. Least consumers have stooped to a new color scheme.

iPhone 7 was released on September 7, at the presentation in San Francisco. Despite the similar form factor, the smartphone has a more catchy look, which the designers from Cupertino managed to achieve thanks to two new colors. For the performance of the iPhone 7 meets Fusion A10 processor working together with 2GB of RAM. The amount of built-in storage devices has doubled in the maximum configuration reaching 256 GB.

It is noteworthy that most potential iPhone buyers 7 not disappointed in the lack of a mini-Jack for headphones, and the touch button “Home”. Now the latter is not equipped with a physical mechanism, which came in Force Touch interface. According to numerous reviews of the first owners, the performance of the sensor, Taptic Engine, simulating clicking, sometimes causes very conflicting feelings.

What influenced your decision to purchase the iPhone 7? Share in the comments.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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