WhatsApp is preparing a big update to the mobile client: 40 new features of messenger

The WhatsApp messenger is preparing a major client update for iOS devices. According to the user WABetaInfo version under index will be one of the most important releases of the mobile client. The developers took into account the wishes of messenger users and implemented a number of new features.

WhatsApp is preparing a big update to the mobile client: 40 new features of messenger

The development of the update for WhatsApp has been ongoing for some time. At the moment there are about 40 features of the new version of the program.

  • Bug fixes.
  • Update localization.
  • The new interface in WhatsApp > Settings > About and help.
  • Improved loading of contacts when creating a new group or list broadcast.
  • Improved audioglider.
  • Improved voice message.
  • Improved handling of documents.
  • Significant improvement video calls (during testing).
  • Support for GIF images: it is not about a direct upload of pictures, and about work, with reference to “gifs”. They will appear in the chat as animated images.
  • The stability improvement.
  • Improved the ability to temporarily add members to groups.
  • New feature display timer during restore chat history.
  • Improved protection of user data.
  • New animation.
  • Update interface calls.
  • Call recording feature (in progress testing).
  • Improvements in the interface for more convenient correspondence with multiple users.
  • The ability to see active participants in the group.
  • Improved section Chats.
  • Improvement in the favorites section.
  • The ability to use a 3D Touch to view information about messages.
  • The opportunity to collect stickers.
  • Public support groups are available through links.
  • Improvements for the quick answers.
  • Improvements to scan QR-codes of other users.
  • Improved scrolling.
  • The opportunity to listen to the audio (e.g., voice notes) even after closing WhatsApp.
  • The ability to invite other users to try WhatsApp with WhatsApp new menu > Invite friend.
  • WhatsApp will offer new ways of communication.

Not all of the above functions is expected in the next version of WhatsApp. The creators of messenger plan to roll out new features gradually. In any case, the next release of the messenger will be one of the most important, the main feature will be integration with other apps on iOS.

In may, analysts from research company SimilarWeb concluded that the instant messenger WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is the most popular among users of mobile devices. As analysts found out, WhatsApp was the most popular in the countries, 109 (55.6 per cent), including in Russia, Brazil, India, Mexico, and countries in Europe, South America and Africa. The three leaders also includes Facebook Messenger and Viber.

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