WhatsApp stores users ‘ messages, after removal of chat messenger

The world’s most popular messenger WhatsApp saves the conversation history even after it is removed. It was discovered by experts in the field of information security Jonathan Zdziarski.

According to Zdziarski, WhatsApp for iOS deletes all of the data about the correspondence of users after they clear the chat messenger. He found that in the latest version of the app even after deleting the chat program keeps an archive of correspondence, online chats and instant messages (chat logs) . Data is stored in memory of the device, and in iCloud, in addition to using a backup of your Apple device on the paired computer.

In April, WhatsApp has strengthened the encryption of the data that users share through the messenger. Causing the encryption has spread not only text messages, but sent photos and videos, and messages from group chats. The system provides protection against interception of data in transit.

Storing chat logs WhatsApp allows you to access correspondence to special services if they need to read the message. They can achieve this, even assuming that the correspondence has been removed from the app.

It is noteworthy that the message of the messenger, in contrast to the transmitted data is not encrypted.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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