When size doesn’t matter: portable speakers oneTone

Many different speakers and speakers visited our editorial staff — and difficult to imagine. But sometimes there are so interesting that not to tell about them it would be a crime. Already intrigued? Now everything will tell.

This time away from us was a portable speaker system Coob from the company oneTone “secret” code word PA-101M and PA-101BT. What’s so unusual? Let’s start with the fact that in size it is like a matchbox three stacked together. Easily fits in the palm of your hand and pleasant to the touch due to the aluminum body, which, among other things, quite durable.

On the sides there was a place the activation button, the Line in, which is also used for charging, a slot for cards micro SD/TF card, and audio output for headphones. The speaker itself is located on top — interesting solution. It’s amazing how such a small column fit almost full set of audiophile.

On the bottom panel there is the indicator that “tells” you when to connect to charge. Here we find buttons for playback control — you can switch the track, turn up the volume, turn on shuffle mode or to put the song on pause.

In this “baby” is the battery capacity of 600 mAh, with which the column can operate without an external power supply from three to five hours, charging time is two hours. It all seems even steeper when the size is 50 by 50 by 50 mm and weighing 140 grams — slightly heavier than your iPhone or Android smartphone. It can be easily carried with you, to take on nature or travel. Listen to music from any smartphone, player or micro SD card.

Where’s the Bluetooth, you ask? It is in the model PA-101BT. To enter pairing mode, just press and hold the play button on the column. And all – enjoy rich sound with no wires! Column a little heavier, but otherwise no different from the previous model.

The sound for such a tiny phone is quite loud, you can easily enjoy your favorite songs with low and high frequencies. The bass is not too deep, but it feels good even within a few meters. The feature of the device is resonating plate installed inside of it — like a passive diffuser. The effect is powerful deep sound, coupled with a real bass becomes apparent only when you install cube speaker up on little rubber feet. A particularly interesting result is obtained that if the table is a large sturdy cardboard box.

Coob OneTone is a little over a thousand rubles for a younger model and just under two thousand for the version with Bluetooth for the money this is one of the best solutions in this segment. To read the column for more details you can follow this link. The wireless version will go on sale next year.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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