Where is the most expensive iPhone in the world?

Although many continue to think that in Russia the cost of the iPhone the highest in the world, in fact far from it. And refutation is not necessary to contact the analysts or experts ā€” benefit data on prices for Apple free.

If we consider the iPhone 7 with a capacity of 32 GB, the cheaper the device is, of course, you can buy in the United States. And it’s not in the contract devices, but just in pricing ā€” iPhone in the us market really is cheaper. It is a little more expensive in Canada, UAE and Hong Kong.

Cost of iPhone 7 Russia occupies only the third place, behind second place Italy and the championship of Hungary.

It should be noted that the prices on the iPhone 6s Russia really is in the lead, and with considerable margin. Russian retailers, including the official Apple’s online store, really reluctant to lower prices for outdated devices.

The chart above only takes into account official prices for the iPhone 7. Taking into account the proposals on the grey market, the average cost may decline even more.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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