Where to download new Wallpapers from iOS and macOS 11 High Sierra

This week, Apple released the first beta version of iOS and macOS 10.13 11 High Sierra. In addition to the many software innovations, both platforms got a new Wallpaper that will look great on any iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Of course, most users are primarily interested in the features and capabilities of the OS. But the visual component is also important, especially if we are talking about new background images for your desktop.

To install the unstable firmware on daily the device used is not recommended. The first beta version of iOS and macOS 11 High Sierra contain many errors that may interfere with the proper working of the gadgets. To set a new Wallpaper without the risk of iPhone and Mac, no need to register in the test program. Users of test versions of the OS removed the original image and put them in open access.

While Apple has added only one version of the design in iOS and macOS. The next build may bring you more new Wallpapers.

Download new Wallpapers for iOS 11 at this link.
Download new Wallpapers for macOS High Sierra you can.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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