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Many users of our app know that before it was cool section “Skidochka”, where every day was selected manually new and discounted apps from the App Store. For reasons beyond our control this section had to be removed from the updated version AppleInsider.ru but soon a solution was found: we have created a special Telegram to bring out the best innovations and applications that are sold with a significant discount or even free at some time in the App Store. There are also distributed daily promotional codes for free downloads of many applications. But not everyone knows where to enter them.

So we decided to create a little guide and tell you where you need to enter the promotional code from the Telegram-channel on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows computer.

On iPhone

Open the app Store App, scroll down the screen until the menu “Enter code”. Copy the promo code from the pop-up window and click “Redeem”. After that, the device will immediately start downloading apps and you will see it along with everything else (usually on the last screen).

On iPad

Actions are no different from those on the iPhone. Open the App Store, scrolling down to the menu “Enter code”, enter and click “Redeem”.

On Mac

On a Mac everything is a bit more complicated. Suppose, you have opened our channel Telegram for OS X, saw the promo code and want to enter it. Open the iTunes application and switch to the top tab of the App Store.

Then in the right side menu choose “Enter code”.

Gasim code, then the app appears in your purchases. It will be available for download in the “Purchases” the App Store application on your iPhone or iPad.

On Windows

Here the process is exactly the same procedure that we described above for Mac. Just launch the iTunes application for Windows and follow the instructions.

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