Whether blockbusters Call of Duty and Battlefield to win the audience Fortnite

The coming autumn in the sale will be Battlefield 5 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 c brand new mode “battle Royale”. Why not allow them to even come close to the success of Fortnite?

Just a year Fortnite won millions of fans around the world, largely thanks to the concept of the game, when on the battlefield, only one will survive. Leading game Studio decided to add the same treatment to their shooters. As a result, this fall we will be able to test it in games from Activision and Electronic Arts. However, all the efforts will not lead to the desired inflow of audience. And there are a few reasons.

So what’s the problem with new shooters?

For a start, it’s all about value, and this is the main barrier for mass distribution. Call of Duty and Battlefield will be sold from $ 60, Fortnite is available absolutely free. And play latest it is possible on all platforms, from consoles to smartphones. And this, of course, puts her more admirers.

It is worth noting the graphical component of competitors: AAA shooters the graphics are always as close as possible to real life therefore? the violence and brutality of wartime appear before the eyes of young gamers in all, if I may say so, beauty. From Fortnite graphics are cartoonish and caring parents are not so fierce will to protect their children from this game, which is undoubtedly another plus in her piggy Bank.

In addition to the theme graphics, I can say that Fortnite relatively low system requirements, at the time, how to play Call of Duty and Battlefield need a modern gaming computer.

Finally, the users of large-scale and expensive projects simply do not need the mode of the battle Royal. They just want a new part of your favorite franchise. So what they know her for many years.

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Clifton Nichols

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