Whether to carry the iPhone in the case?

All iPhone owners are divided into two camps: those who aspire to clothe your device in all kinds of bags and film, and those who genuinely do not understand the first, preferring to feel the cool metal of the hull in my hands. So who is right?

At all times in Apple valued a great design. According to Steve jobs, it is customer experience from the appearance of the product is its most important component. Remember glass and metal “sandwich” called the iPhone 4 or slightly rough cover MacBook Air? Remember. But why hide this beauty in a cheap (often in fact, but not for the price) covers?

There are a multitude of differences. In trying to maintain this perfection of design ideas many consider it their duty to “wrap” your newly acquired gadget. It is noteworthy that they are not going to in the future resell because of their extreme accuracy. The other point of view is based on the fact that it (read iPhone), albeit expensive, but still the thing that needs the most perform their duties for the benefit of the consumer. Wherefore anything shameful, to scratch, stain or even worse, of dropping your smartphone or tablet, no.

But which side in this matter adhere to you? Share in the comments. I’ll start with myself: I use frame covers-potami. Films and case studies do not accept categorically.

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