Whether you need a dark interface mode on iPhone and iPad? [poll]

At the developers conference in June, Apple showed a dark interface mode for the Apple TV, and although users would want to see the same feature in iOS 10, the company on this account did not say anything. According to rumors, in Cupertino have decided to hold off on Dark Mode before the transition of the iPhone to the AMOLED displays, but there is evidence that the work in this direction is already underway.

The jailbreak developers have managed to activate Dark Mode in an informal manner. Examining the possibility of the first test Assembly in iOS a 10, they found the option to enable dark theme for some apps, the OS inside the emulator. In the dark the interface uses a unified color scheme for all programs, but will it appear in the stable version of the platform is unknown.

In Dark Mode for iOS really makes sense. Feature not only reduces the negative impact on the eyes in the evening but is also perfectly suitable for OLED displays because of low power. The latter, according to rumors, the iPhone will be implemented in 2017.

Informal concepts Dark Mode for iOS 10 look very advantageous. If Apple will look to the works of designers, some people will have a reason to update to iOS 10.

We began to wonder, how many iPhone and iPad users really need a dark mode in iOS 10? Or is the light version of the design?

Whether you need a dark interface mode on iPhone and iPad?

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Clifton Nichols

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