Who in Pokemon Go, the Muscovite accused of rape in pokemon

One of the main divisions of the Metropolitan police received an unusual statement. Young Muscovite complained that she was raped… pokemon. The woman says it happened right in her apartment on Tverskaya street, almost in front of the spouse.

As reported Bloknot, one of the August nights hear for a long time played on the smartphone in Pokemon Go. Then fell asleep, and woke up from a strange sensation, as if someone commits violent acts. Opening her eyes, she saw the character from the popular game.

Adam jumped up, grabbed the phone, went in game and saw the apartment the same pokemon.

The first thing she complained about the incident to her husband, but he waved, calling a sick spouse. Then she went to the police and that surely, a fortune-teller. The police statement was not accepted, but the fortune-teller listened, understood and explained to the client that pokemon so entered into the life of people that have “began to exist on delicate matters”.

“She said that the apartment somehow a lot of pokemon, – said the publication of the other women Ivan Makarov. And even the dog senses them, always barks when the owner catches them.”

Anyway, Adam eventually decided to seek professional medical help.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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