Who needs Game Center?

Of course, Apple’s failures, and she doesn’t like about them to speak open ly, hiding their achievements. We don’t know how much the Apple Watch was sold, and when we look at the number of iPads sold, is absolutely unknown to us, which model is most actively bought and which remained unclaimed. However, in the Twitter analyst the Circus Burgess showed that the Game Center app from Apple actually have something to brag about, and you can see this.

How often you open the app Game Center? I open it only when his icon lights up on the notification icon. If anyone wants to add me as a friend, it is sure to attract my attention, but I in the app Game Center is nothing to do. Perhaps those iOS users who actively play games, so actively use the app, but for most it exists by itself.

However, it turned out that the Game Center is a huge number of users, and you can see this. The total number of users, Game Center is hidden under the list of your friends to contribute “Points”. At the time of writing, they were 405 574 491, and colleagues from 9to5Mac noted that in eight hours the number of users increased by 77 thousand. An impressive result, and let not all registered users are really open and are actively using Game Center, Apple has numbers that are not ashamed to show it.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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