Who will wipe the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from the face of the earth?

Recent information about the March release of the four-inch iPhone 5se continues to acquire more details, more and more resembling snowball. Today we are ready to share with you the good news: the novelty still get the A9 processor and will replace not only its direct predecessor in the person of the iPhone 5s, but also the flagships of 2014, with index “6”.

As journalists report 9To5 at Apple, after testing several prototypes of the iPhone 5se with different hardware, have chosen a more modern set of hardware from the Duo chips A9 and M9. Given the likely equipping the upcoming iPhone 7 processor a10, this step seems the most obvious and, therefore, attractive to eager to get a flagship (well, almost) model in a more compact package. However, the model will retain the “budget” amount of RAM equal to 1 GB.

In addition to positive aspects, there is far less pleasant. In particular, there is evidence that the novelty may be presented in a single modification with a storage capacity of 16 GB. Output max. configuration with 64-Gigabyte storage is still questionable and may not see light at all, or to go on sale with some delay.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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