Why Apple iOS 9.3 deprives Pencil “stylus mode”

One of the early beta version of iOS 9.3, a lot surprised us with interesting innovations, caused the most mixed feelings from the owners of iPad Pro. Having lost the opportunity to use Apple Pencil as a stylus, users of large tablets decided that in Cupertino have taken this step deliberately. As things are actually, learned colleagues from the publication The Verge.

It was believed that Apple engineers still remembered the covenants of Steve jobs vague prospects of styluses, and therefore very suddenly decided to resolve such a controversial misunderstanding. Despite the absurdity of the imposed restrictions, the majority of prominent journalists were ready to accept the company’s policy, starting to build the crafty excuses.

“Sources familiar with the situation confirm that the decision to limit the functionality of the pen Pencil was made in the company for a long time. This is not a bug, which supposedly can’t fix for three beta versions. It should be”, ā€” said the representatives of the Relay.fm and, to put it mildly, messed up.

According to the latest figures, obtained by The Verge directly from Apple, the ability to control the interface iPad Pro with the help of the smart pen will come back with one of the following beta releases. Need to disable “stylus mode” was caused by a very laborious process for improving Pencil.

“We continue to believe that the finger will always be the most convenient way to manage iPad for most users. However, we understand that some of our customers like to use Pencil for Apple [movements interface]. That’s why we decided to improve the experience of interaction with a stylus and will soon return so important a function”, ā€” commented the press service of the company.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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